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CADA - Schmuck
CADA Schmuck founded by Annette and Herbert Kopp in the heart of Munich, has for the past thirty years now amazed and excited Munich and the world of jewelry with its creative and beautiful collections. Each piece is designed by Herbert Kopp, who is an avid fashion and art enthusiast. This is where the journey of creativity and design unfolds. Our atelier in Munich’s City Center is where Herbert Kopp’s designs are brought to life, making their way from there to our boutique and finally into the adorning hands of our clients. Enjoy discovering our collections comprised of fashion forward, fun, and elegant pieces. Dive into the world of CADA!
Annette und Herbert Kopp
This exclusive collection features three distinct capsule lines designed by three of the contemporary art world's leading talents: Aaron Curry, Andy Hope 1930 and Jonathan Meese.
Working closely with CADA's world-renowned craftsmen, they have crafted singular jewelry pieces that also double as wearable works of art.
Fusing bold creativity with timeless elegance, these offer the ultimate in eclectic refinement.
AARON CURRYview Collection

Los Angeles-based artist, Aaron Curry has emerged as one of the leading American talents of the past decade. With a wide range of inspirations—from mid-century sculpture to contemporary graffiti—he forges neo-modernist forms and wall reliefs that capture the vibrancy of the urban din. For CADA, he has channeled this energy into a selection of incredible cocktail rings.

ANDY HOPE 1930view Collection

German artist, Andy Hope 1930 revisits the history of painting through bold compositions that juxtapose art historical references against found motifs. Often, he takes his cue from thrift store knick-knacks, including old comic books and discarded décor. His eclectic aesthetic also characterizes his dazzling totems for CADA.

JONATHAN MEESEview Collection

Christened the ‘enfant terrible’ of German art, Berlin and Hamburg-based, Jonathan Meese came to the forefront with his wildly diverse output, from videos and installation to electric performances and heavily worked over paintings. His pendants and rings, rendered in 18kt gold for CADA, evoke this combative Art Brut aesthetic, while refining it into elegant totems that are also rife with humor and wit.